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Call centers can be complex, optimizing them shouldn’t be. With Akabis newly redesigned user interface (including all-new graphical dashboards) achieving your contact center goals is easier, more accessible, and more enjoyable than ever before.

Automated Call Distribution (ACD) delivers everything from the standard features to the latest advancements.

Instead of just routing calls to individual agents in a queue, Akabis cloud ACD can group agents or employees into teams within each queue. This allows the automatic call distribution systems to route incoming calls to an agent with the optimal combination of idle time and appropriate skills, while also factoring in caller priority. That means callers always get the most optimized customer experience and service to tackle their inquiry.

  • Callers are routed to the right agents (in relevant groups) quickly  and effectively. Callers are led through the process easily, whether they are coming through an IVR menu or they request a callback  via chat.
  • Akabis uses its skills-based, group routing system to send callers to an agent with the highest relevancy and longest idle time. This provides a higher likelihood that callers will speak to an agent with strengths that will speak to their problem.
  • Akabis ACD call center integrates with your CRM applications  (e.g. Salesforce, Microsoft, Zendesk), your unified communications, and your case management system. This allows agents to quickly and easily access key information about each caller as they are pulled up from queue.
  • Seamlessly integrate Akabis powerful IVR into your ACD call center functionality, both before and after direct contact with an agent. Akabis software allows agents to re-route callers to IVR menus and then back again without the caller having to re-dial, and without losing the context of the call.
  • The Akabis universal queue helps agents power through callers, whether they are coming from chat, social media, IVR, or email.
  • Akabis universal queue streamlines the multi-channel customer experience and provides a clearer picture of customer interactions by volume, duration, and channel.
  • Call blending means your agents are never idle. When inbound calls are low, outbound calls can be automatically generated for a specified campaign. And when inbound calls pick up again, the dialer dynamically slows the number of outgoing calls to meet the inbound service level.
  • While common ACDs use white noise to reach PCI compliance, Akabis takes it a step further by using a private data collection IVR with agent connection. The ACD lets an agent send callers to an IVR so they can enter in their PCI sensitive info (like a credit card number). The agent is kept up to date on the caller’s progress through the application, and when input is finished, the ACD returns the caller to the agent uninterrupted.
  • If a caller doesn’t get an answer the first time, they can request the same agent upon callback. This provides a streamlined and more personalized experience for callers.
  • Cut down on caller frustration by implementing the automatic callback feature. The system will connect with a relevant agent before automatically calling the customer back.
  • Operating a call center without leveraging metrics is a surefire way to miss the mark with your customers. Using a diverse group of data points, ACD call center metrics provide an in-depth look into what went right and what could have gone better.
  • What good is a high quality call center solution if no one can use it? Thankfully, Akabis interface is specially designed for easy setup and navigation - even for non-programmers.
  • Create virtually any routing scenario in a few minutes with drag and drop icons. The easy to use interface means on-the-fly changes can be immediately deployed into your operations, so you can stay flexible and adapt as needed.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) comes with the bells and whistles you’re looking for and the ones you never knew you wanted.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephony system that interacts with callers, gathers information, and routes calls to the appropriate recipient. If you’ve ever dialed your credit card company, and checked your balance by responding to a series of automated prompts, you’ve used an IVR! Using computer telephony integration (CTI), IVR Call Center applications can hand off a call to a live person who can then view data directly related to the caller. An IVR application provides: pre-recorded voice responses to guide a caller, DTMF signaling to help a caller get to where they want to be, and gives a caller access to the relevant information they’re looking for.

  • Go to market faster with this web-based, drag-and-drop tool specially designed to make setting up call-flows and managing IVR settings simple and easy for the non-programmers in your organization.
  • CRM integration helps agents personalize and better resolve customer calls using CTI screen pops. With integration for Salesforce and most CRM platforms available, the caller information your agent needs becomes automatically available right on their screen.
  • Compiles call statistics on a queue-by-queue basis including: total calls queued, handled, abandoned, voicemails, callbacks, min-max and average wait times, talk times, and wrap times. If needed, receives identifying data from the IVR system (account number, job number, etc.) and associates that data with the call.
  • Automated outbound IVR callouts can connect users to a queue to speak to an agent and can be scheduled to ensure you reach customers at a non-disruptive time.
  • Akabis IVR system includes multi-lingual support without the need for additional work or set up. I.e. Instead of setting up three individual call-flows for Spanish, French, and English, one call flow can work for all!
  • Enhanced ability for pre-recorded or dynamically-generated audio. This improves the customer journey by clearly directing callers through a series of simple interactions.
  • If a user doesn’t want their credit card information to be heard directly by an agent, the Akabis system allows the agent to transfer that person to an IVR menu to input the information. The agent is kept up to date on the caller’s progress, and when input is finished – the caller returns the agent uninterrupted.


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